Border City Entertainment Magazine – Vol 1 – Issue 1 – 2013

Simply Entertainment - Vol1 Issue 1 - 2013

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By: Dawn Hawkins

Rob Higgins and Chris Blais formerly of Vibe-A-Tribe and No Ordinary Machine joined forces with Dave Sinewitz and brothers Scott and Chris Holmes of Heat Mizer in 2010 to form Drop Dead Famous.

With Higgins on lead vocals; Blais on keyboards; Sinewitz on guitar; Chris Holmes on drums and Scott Holmes on bass, the juggle work and family life with writing and performing. “The songs are a collaboration of all five member’s talents. One guy might write a lick or the lyrics for a song but in the end the final product wouldn’t be achieved if not for each members input,” said Higgins.

Higgins main focus has always been writing lyrics and melodies. As a full time firefighter for the City Of Windsor, his “day job” has given him the opportunity to chase his dream of reaching the next level in the music business. As lead singer/songwriter for more than half his life, his true passion for music shows both on the stage and in the studio. Blais is a fifth generation musician who has played throughout the United States and Canada, and has previously produced music for television, radio and independent films including “Nara” and “Baggage Claim.” Currently a full time visual arts digital technician a the University of Windsor, Blais is also a part time sound/light technician at Caesars Windsor. “It’s nice to focus on something that I feel proficient about; atmospheres and music through technology,” he said.

Sinewitz, a full time pharmacist and University of Toronto graduate, has been playing guitar since he was seven. He strives for that different chord or that cool little twist that allows his to create unique song arrangements. Drummer Chris Holmes’ day job as an engineer in the tool and die industry has allowed him the ability to play for the love of playing while keeping the back beat since the age of 13, playing in his first cover band at 17. Scott Holmes bought his first guitar from a friend in grade school and perfomed his first live gig in grade nice. As a professional firefighter by day and a musician by night, he is a sound engineer for the band as well as creating great riffs on bass.

With the drive, determination and talent all five possess, it’s only a matter of time before Drop Dead Famous is heard on mainstream radio. Self-promotion, great songs, sound and performances are all key factors to making it in the music industry and DDF are well aware and up to the task.

Upcoming shows include the Strawberry Festival, BeaverFest and RockFest. A CD release party is in the works, as well as current songs available on iTunes including: “Survive Tonight, Ten-09, Again, Surrounded, Lost Your Way and For You.”

Drop Dead Famous will be playing downtown at the Carparelli Sound Lounge (26 Chatham St. E) on Thursday, March 28th.

Visit their official website to hear latest songs and check out their schedule of events at and on Facebook at

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