Chris Blais – synths, programming, background vocals

Chris is a proud member of the Ember Music Label and a fifth generation musician, who has a love for all styles of music. His attraction to the synthesizer occurred when he heard early recordings of Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Yaz and Depeche Mode.

Having played and recorded throughout Canada and the United States, Chris also had the opportunity to produce music for television, radio and independent films. He continues to submerge himself within these realms, affirming his commitment and passion for programming and creating music. Chris is currently having fun with equipment such as Ableton Live, Novation Launch Pad, Akai Apc40, IPad, Midi Designer and Touch-Able to name a few. He loves what he does!


Chris Blais

Rob Higgins – lead vocals

For more than half his life, Rob has a true passion for music, both on stage performing and in the depths of studio recording. Having a basic knowledge of guitar, piano and drums, his main focus has always been writing lyrics and creating melodies. His professional full time gig as a Windsor Fire Fighter allows him the opportunity to continue his quest of reaching the next level in the music biz. Rob’s influences range from Sting, U2, Seal, The Killers and Theory of a Deadman. The importance of striving for great lyrics and melodies, while enjoying a bit of an edge with music remain very clear with Rob. Self-promotion, great songs, exceptional sound and spirited performances are all key factors to making it in this industry. Higgins and the members of Drop Dead Famous are well aware of these factors, and are up for the challenge.

Rob Higgins

Rob Higgins

Chris Holmes – drums

Enjoys romantic walks on the beach and Taco Bell.

Chris Holmes

Scott Holmes – bass guitar

Scott purchased his first guitar for $40 from a buddy in grade school, and performed his first live gig in grade nine. He packed in music for a while after high school, when he sold his gear to buy a car. Several years later he was asked to sit in on the bass for a friend, and the rest is history. Scott (or Homer, as we call him) not only started honing his skills as a bass player, but also became an excellent Sound Tech for the band. To wow a crowd, he knows that a killer mix can be just as important as the songs and performances. Homer is always committed to finding the perfect mix for every room. He currently uses Ampeg amps and likes to mix it up with his Warwick and Fender Basses, depending on the tune. With favorite bands like Rage Against The Machine and The Black Keys, Homer has a great ear for creating fantastic riffs and funky mixes.

Scott Holmes

Dave Sinewitz – lead guitar, programming, synths

A graduate of the University of Toronto with a degree in pharmacy, David has been playing guitar since the age of seven. Writing, recording and live performance of music have all been his lifelong passions. A musician at heart, David later added the saxophone, keyboards and banjo to his musical talents but his true love has always been the guitar. His instrument of choice is a Peavey Wolfgang guitar and he uses a Bogner Goldfinger 45 amplifier with a Marshall cabinet. At night he is usually strumming his Bourgeois Country Boy Deluxe acoustic which has been his main vector for composing DDF songs. His musical influences include Van Halen, Rush, Tori Amos, Madonna, Soundgarden and Rage Against the Machine. David is constantly striving for that different chord voicing or that cool little twist in a song, allowing for some unique and original song composition and arrangements. His musical creativeness can really be felt and heard in DDF’s songs.


Dave Sinewitz

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